Open Music Sessions

These sessions are intended to be open to all community members who are interested in playing an instrument/ singing together.  Any level of experience is welcome, and if you just want to come to get your music ear in please join us! You will need to bring an instrument or your voice (or your music ear), a stand if you have one, and any music you wish to share with the group.  We have keyboards, drums, fiddles and guitars that can be used.

We are open to all genres of music, and will be guided by the preferences of people attending.  We are expecting the open music sessions to evolve to suit all community members who wish to attend them.

We currently have a singing group led by Jessica Bates, which you are welcome to join at any point.  


The next date will be in Farr Hall at 8pm on Thursday 18th January. Subsequently we will be meeting every two weeks on Thursdays: 1st and 15th February, 1st, 15th and 29th March to take us to Easter.



Singing sessions

From November to May the singing group was led by Valerie Gage.  We were then led by Fiona Bowie up to December 2017, and start 2018 with an experienced choir leader, Jessica Bates (see bio in 'Music Facilitators').   We have been practising mainly Scottish tunes and learning a bit of Gaelic, but we are open to all genres of music.

Although people have not brought instruments on these dates, we very much hope there will be an appetite for some more jamming sessions, and these can run concurrently with the singing group (accompanying or in a separate room).

Past concerts:

Community Carol Concert 14th December 2016

We were pleased to be able to sing at the Christmas Carol Concert on 14th December, and eight participants in the open music session singing group performed three Christmas tunes.  Not too bad considering we'd only practised them at one open music session before the concert!

Community Concert on 1st April 2017

This was a successful and enjoyable event, with excellent performances from music learners attending the Group Learning Sessions, and with a performance from the singing group.  We had a little bit longer to rehearse for this than for the carol concert!

Community Carol Concert 6th December 2017

We again joined in the community carol concert in 2017.  Seven singers from the Strathnairn Singers performed Alleluja in Gaelic, Oh Holy Night, and Winter Wonderland, and joined in the carols in this very well organised and attended event.