Community Broadband

A meeting was recently held in Farr Hall to update the community on current and expected future broadband provision in the Strathnairn community council area. Only around one third of properties in Strathnairn can currently receive high-speed fibre broadband from BT following the government-funded rollout. Future superfast provision will be dependent on the award of contracts through the Scottish Government's "Reaching 100%" programme which is currently in procurement, however the first phase of that will almost certainly still not reach all properties in Strathnairn. In fact it's very likely that the more remote properties will have to rely on a future voucher scheme, which in practice could leave satellite broadband as their only option.

At the community meeting, the case was made for a community-funded fixed wireless broadband network to deliver superfast broadband to the whole of the Strathnairn community council area. The presentation can be downloaded here. The meeting was well attended and it was agreed by all those present that we should proceed to commissioning ground surveys and costed proposals from two local companies. We will now proceed to make an application for funding to the Strathnairn Community Benefit Fund to allow these surveys to take place.

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