16 July 2013
Climate Challenge Fund grants

You may have recently heard from your Local Authority regarding Climate Challenge Fund grants that are available for Community Councils.
Applications for Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) grants up to £150,000 / year are invited for consideration by the CCF Grants Panel in 2013 and 2014.CCF grants have helped community councils work with their community to:
·         Provide household energy efficiency surveys and advice to cut fuel bills.
·         Provide facilities so the community can grow their own fruit and veg.
·         Open up local rights of way and promote low carbon transport options.
CCF grants have also helped other community groups to work with their community to:
·         Provide energy efficient refurbishments of community buildings and energy efficiency advice.
These projects have reduced carbon footprint, helping to tackle climate change and led to community improvements while creating employment and training opportunities.

Please find attached a brochure and letter regarding CCF grants.



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