11 August 2016
Strathnairn Music initiative Enrolment Forms

The Strathnairn Music Initiative has a vision to create and embed a local music hub for residents of Strathnairn.   
This charity run initiative will provide the community with musical opportunities where people from across ALL generations, social classes and income brackets will be able to meet and play, sing, learn and enjoy music together throughout the year.   
We will be operating by September 2016 by bringing together residents who are experienced and/or beginner musicians, in local venues, to promote and embed a more active music community as well as preparing new generations to join in.  To do this, the music initiative will focus on two aspects: 
1) Open music sessions will be running one to two evenings per month in Strathnairn community venues from this autumn.  Dates will be available on the Strathnairn Community website linked to the Strathnairn Music Initiative.   
These sessions are intended to be open to all community members who are interested in playing an instrument/ singing together.  Any level of experience is welcome, and if you just want to come to get your music ear in please join us! You will need to bring an instrument or your voice (or your music ear), a stand if you have one, and any music you wish to share with the group.  If you want to bring refreshments they would obviously be welcomed too!   
We are open to all genres of music, and will be guided by the preferences of people attending.  We would hope to make the music for the sessions available beforehand to give people the chance to practice (if they want).  It would be useful to know who is planning to attend each session in advance so we can have music available in the appropriate keys. 
We plan to have an experienced musician available to guide the sessions, and we are expecting the open music sessions to evolve to suit all community members who wish to attend them.  
2) Instrumental Group Learning.  These sessions will be held on Tuesdays, starting 6th September, and will be an opportunity for community members to learn instruments in a more formal setting.  We have invited four musicians who teach a range of instruments to provide teaching to groups.  The group learning sessions will focus on group learning for piano/keyboard, guitar/ukulele, fiddle, drums. Fun music sessions are scheduled for the ‘under P1’ age group. 
3) These sessions will be 30 minutes in duration and delivered during the school academic year, during term-time, weekly, from 15:00 to 19:00, at Farr Primary School (We want to stress that although the venue is at a school it is absolutely open to all residents not just those who attend Farr primary). 

Members of the initiative will be asked to contribute towards the cost of bringing in experienced musicians for the open and group music sessions.  We will be asking members to contribute the following towards the running costs: 

Kodaly group sessions: £3.60 per week 

One instrument group session: £3.60 per week 

Kodaly with one instrument group sessions: £6.00 per week 

Two instrument group sessions : £9.00 per week 

Fees will be collected at the start of each term for the full term. 
Enrolment deadline for the Group Learning sessions is 26th August 2016.  If you have not previously registered an interest with a member of the initiative, please do so on the details below.  
Please contact us on strathnairnmusicinitiative@gmail.com, or call Kristina on 07847167077 or Marielle on 01808 521428.



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