19 April 2013
Inverarnie road closure - April 29th for 3 weeks

Inverarnie road closure will commence from Monday, April 29.

The road will be closed for three weeks in order to remove and replace the existing culvert. A short diversion route will be put in place for road users.

The road will be fully closed during this period. The road closure will initially be from Mid-Lairgs junction (with access for local traffic only) through to the east of the access to Farr Community Centre. The access to Farr Community Centre will be maintained from Inverarnie during the works.

On completion of the Inverarnie culvert, the Contractor, R J McLeod, is intending to complete some road construction works at the Littlemill bridge site. This could last for up to five days including the weekend of the 18th and 19th May. To accommodate this, there will be a full road closure from Mid-Lairgs junction to approximately 100 metres west of the current site compound entrance at Littlemill Bridge. Local traffic will need to use the diversions that have been put in place and local residents west of the Littlemill bridge site will gain access from the west across the newly opened Inverarnie culvert.

Originally, it was anticipated that the road would be fully closed for two months but the construction team have been able to carry out the majority of the work under traffic management through the use of traffic lights and stop/go signs.

A letter will be delivered to all households living in the closure area on Monday so they are fully informed. Information will also go up on the Dunmaglass website and Twitter account.

For more information please click on the following link:-


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