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Strathnairn Community Woodlands

The community of Strathnairn took over the ownership of School and Milton woods in Farr in 2003.  School Wood (approx. 12.14 hectares) sits immediately behind Farr Primary School.  Milton Wood (28 hectares) may be found opposite to the 'Rennie Macintosh' style houses at the west end of Farr.  Both woodlands contain areas of environmental / scenic interest, and exhibit a mix of trees which offer a habitat for woodpeckers, red squirrels, foxes, bats, badgers as well as a good variety of plants, mosses, lichens and fungi.
Access is easy using well defined footpaths and good car parking.

School Wood is a Forestry Commission Red Squirrel "HOT SPOT" and is home to a wood cabin that was built using timber from the trees growing in Milton Wood.  The cabin is available as a class room or for private functions.

There are lots of ways to get involved and have your say in how the woods are managed.  The directors would really like to encourage as many of the community as possible to do so.

The management committee meets on the second Monday of every month, 7.30pm at Farr Hall - all are welcome to attend these meetings.

So please enjoy wandering the woods and please get involved with SCW in any way you can!

CONTACT DETAILS –  strathnairncommunitywoodlands@gmail.com

Map of footpaths in School Wood - click here

Map of footpaths in Milton  Wood - click here

Our most recent examined accounts can be downloaded here

Our Memorandum of Incorporation and Articles of Association can be downloaded here


Management Plans

The original Plan – 2003

The latest Plan   – 2013  

1.    Contents and Summary

2.    PartA – Description of Woodlands
       PartB – SurveyData

3.    PartC – Analysis

4.   PartD – ManagementProposals


5.    Appendix 1 – Summary of Activities and Achievements
      Appendix 2 – Scoping Report
6.    Appendix 3 – National Vegetation Classification Communities Report [1.6Mb available on request]
7.    Appendix 4 – Flora Survey
    Appendix 5 – Lichen Survey
    Appendix 6 – Moss Survey
8.    Appendix 7 – Badger Survey and Red Squirrel Assessment [2Mb available on request]
9.    Appendix 8 – Deer Management Plan
10.    Appendix 9 – Opportunities and Constraints
       Appendix 10 - Tolerances
11.    MAPS 
Map 1 - Location 
Map 2a – Tree Species Map: School Wood  
Map 2b – Tree Species Map: Milton Wood
Map 3a - Archaeology Survey: School Wood 
Map 3b - Archaeology Survey: Milton Wood 
Map 4 - Landscape Character Assessment 
Map 5a - Concept Map: School Wood 
Map 5b - Concept Map: Milton Wood 
Map 6a – Opportunities and Constraints Map: School Wood 
Map 6b – Opportunities and Constraints Map: Milton Wood
Map 7 - Milton Wood Felling Map. 
Map 8 - Milton Wood Re-Stocking Map 
Map 9 - Milton Long Term Vision
11.    PHOTOS 
Photo 1a - SNH Aerial Photo: School Wood 

Photo 1b - SNH Aerial Photo: Milton Wood 


Click for Map
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