Tree Planting

We plan to continue planting trees in the autumn. If you available during week days please let Davy Thompson know so he can let you know that you are able to come along.  Te 01808 521207

Strathnairn Community Woodlands

The community of Strathnairn took over the ownership of School and Milton woods in Farr in 2003.  School Wood (approx. 12.14 hectares) sits immediately behind Farr Primary School.  Milton Wood (28 hectares) may be found opposite to the 'Rennie Macintosh' style houses at the west end of Farr.  Both woodlands contain areas of environmental / scenic interest, and exhibit a mix of trees which offer a habitat for woodpeckers, red squirrels, foxes, bats, badgers as well as a good variety of plants, mosses, lichens and fungi.
Access is easy using well defined footpaths and good car parking.

School Wood is a Forestry Commission Red Squirrel "HOT SPOT" and is home to a wood cabin that was built using timber from the trees growing in Milton Wood.  The cabin is available as a class room or for private functions.

Both woods are used as a resource by the Highland Council Country Ranger Service.  See below for more details.

There are lots of ways to get involved and have your say in how the woods are managed.  The directors would really like to encourage as many of the community as possible to do so.

The management committee meets on the second Monday of every month, 7.30pm at Farr Hall - all are welcome to attend these meetings.

If conservation and maintenance appeals to you - please come along to our regular Volunteer Action days, held on the Saturday following the meeting between 9.00 am and 10.00 am - dress sensibly to take part in a range of practical tasks - For details contact strathnairncommunitywoodlands@gmail.com.

So please enjoy wandering the woods and please get involved with SCW in any way you can!

CONTACT DETAILS –  strathnairncommunitywoodlands@gmail.com

Map of footpaths in School Wood - click here

Map of footpaths in Milton  Wood - click here

This year we will be making a start on felling some trees as part of our latest management plan.  We will try and keep you informed of our progress and the dates during which the woods will be closed in the interests of public safety.  Click here for more details.



Practical maintenance Saturdays will take place from 9.30 – 11.30 on:-

SAT  ..... 2015 – Remove tree guards from riparian area.

SAT ....... – Remove tree guards from riparian area.

SAT ........ – Remove tree guards from riparian area.


Ranger events for 2017 

Unfortunately the Ranger Service has been downsized so there are no Highland Council Countryside Rangers organise events in our woods.


Minutes of the monthly Meetings

Copies of the minutes of our monthly management committee  meeting are available here.

December 2013     

January 2014                   February 2014  

March 2014                      April 2014 

May 2014                        June 2014  

July 2014                        August 2014  

September 2014              October 2014 

November 2014               December 2014  

January 2015                  February 2015

March 2015                     April 2015  

May 2015                        June 2015

July 2015                        August 2015              

September 2015             October 2015               

November 2015              December 2015           

January 2016                 February 2016              

March 2016                    April 2016                   

May 2016  No meeting    June 2016                  

July 2016                       August 2016               

September 2016            October 2016              

November 2016              December 2016          

January 2017                 February 2017              

March 2017                  April 2017                    

May 2017                    June 2017


At General Meeting No. 194 of Strathnairn Community Council on Monday 21st November 2011 it was agreed to set up Specific Roles agreed within the Community Council team.
For Community Development Planning the three members were Paul Davies; Sally Moore, and Ewen Hardie.
The group undertook a survey to obtain the views of the community.  The survey was completed in 2013.
At General Meeting No. 216 of Strathnairn Community Council on Monday 27th January 2014 the Community Council directed that the result of the survey be distributed to the appropriate groups.  
Strathnairn Community Woodlands have received their copy and would like to thank every one who contributed to the survey.  This is the second community wide consultation about how the community wanted to use their woods – the previous survey was carried out in 2000 and the purchase concluded in 2003.  The directors noted that most of the points that had been raised were similar to the ideas from community wide consultation that was undertaken as part of the ground work for purchasing the woods. 
It should be noted that the objective of the Community Woodlands is to conserve, regenerate and promote the restoration of predominantly native woodlands in the geographical area of Strathnairn as an important part of Scotland's native environment for the benefit of the public.
The recently approved management plan sets out in more detail how it is proposed to meet these objectives.
The directors response to the suggestions is available here, once again we would like to thank everyone who took part.



Management Plans

The original Plan – 2003

The latest Plan   – 2013  

1.    Contents and Summary

2.    PartA – Description of Woodlands
       PartB – SurveyData

3.    PartC – Analysis

4.   PartD – ManagementProposals


5.    Appendix 1 – Summary of Activities and Achievements
      Appendix 2 – Scoping Report
6.    Appendix 3 – National Vegetation Classification Communities Report [1.6Mb available on request]
7.    Appendix 4 – Flora Survey
    Appendix 5 – Lichen Survey
    Appendix 6 – Moss Survey
8.    Appendix 7 – Badger Survey and Red Squirrel Assessment [2Mb available on request]
9.    Appendix 8 – Deer Management Plan
10.    Appendix 9 – Opportunities and Constraints
       Appendix 10 - Tolerances
11.    MAPS 
Map 1 - Location 
Map 2a – Tree Species Map: School Wood  
Map 2b – Tree Species Map: Milton Wood
Map 3a - Archaeology Survey: School Wood 
Map 3b - Archaeology Survey: Milton Wood 
Map 4 - Landscape Character Assessment 
Map 5a - Concept Map: School Wood 
Map 5b - Concept Map: Milton Wood 
Map 6a – Opportunities and Constraints Map: School Wood 
Map 6b – Opportunities and Constraints Map: Milton Wood
Map 7 - Milton Wood Felling Map. 
Map 8 - Milton Wood Re-Stocking Map 
Map 9 - Milton Long Term Vision
11.    PHOTOS 
Photo 1a - SNH Aerial Photo: School Wood 

Photo 1b - SNH Aerial Photo: Milton Wood 


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