21 October 2015
Emergency repairs to Flichity Bridge

Over the next couple of weeks the following traffic restrictions and closures will be in place at the Flichity Bridge, on the B851.

21st -23rd October – Bridge propping and scaffold has been rebuilt to new configuration suitable for HGV traffic. Bridge access controlled by traffic lights working on automatic – minimal delays. Bridge repairs concentrating on repairs to both side(spandrel) walls  of bridge.

26th – 31st October – Road closed – 0900 Monday 26th October to 1600 Saturday 31st October – for repair of arch barrel and spandrel walls. Fully closed to HGVs. Open to light traffic only 0800-0900 and 1700-1800. Open to public and school buses and emergency vehicles at all times. During the period 0900-1700 mortar will be removed from the bridge soffit and replaced by new mortar. During that period traffic will be kept from the bridge to avoid  repeated vibrations causing  damage during the setting process for the mortar. Light vehicle diversion signed via Dunlichity. HGV diversion via Essich Road. During the period of closure SSE/RJ McLeod have agreed to restrict delays on the Calanour to Farigaig section of road to ensure that local traffic retains the option of routing via Foyers, Dores or the Essich Road.

By 31st October all temporary works below and to the side of the bridge to be removed.

1st November – 6th November bridge reopened to traffic . Works to parapet walls continuing under traffic management (up to 20 min delays between 0900 and 1700)

9th November – road open to all normal traffic

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